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Maybe I could have been a saint, we think, if I hadnt married him or had so many children or gotten in that car accident or had an abortion or dropped out of college or become so bitter. But whatever brought them about, its by those circumstancesthose crossesthat God is sanctifying us. Cecilia suffered under the laughter of her friends and yelled at her daughters-in-law to stop theirs spiritual practices. Frances became more and more convinced that this way of life was so necessary for the world, and it was not long before she requested and was given permission to found a society of women bound by no vows. Featured image: Wikimedia commons. This church had been given in 1212 to St Francis by the Roman lady Giacoma di Settesoli (Brother Jacoba), who in 1226 was present at the death of the Poverello. I feel as if my whole life has been one beautiful dream of purest happiness. Frances was stunnedand chastened. Lorenzo became even more devoted to her after this -- he was even a little in awe of her because of what she'd been through. With the new responsibilities of family life, the young mother turned her attention more to the needs of her own household. One of them sent a cruel governor, Count Troja, to conquer Rome. After her husband died, she went Robert B. Parker, Be ever more convinced that your guardian angel is really present, that he is ever at your side. If you don't have one now, ask God to send you such a companion. Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance. By the time Frances was 13, he already promised her hand in marriage to the son of another wealthy family. 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St. Alexis told her God was giving her an important choice: Did she want to recover or not? And, okay, full disclosure, Im a Benedictine Oblate so her feast day is a pretty big deal to us Oblates and those in the Benedictine family. Author and Publisher - Catholic Online From her mother she inherited a quiet manner and a pious devotion to God. In 1638 her tomb was opened again, but on this occasion only the bones of the saint remained. Cue the Ohh! chorus. St Frances asked her family to have faith, and walked to the cellar with them. I continue to struggle with balancing prayer and the duties required of me as a wife and mom. Frances collapsed from the strain. She gave in to the marriage -- reluctantly. 2016. Born of wealthy parents, Frances found herself attracted to the religious life during her youth. -St. Frances of Rome. Thankfully, Ive found adoration chapels and unlocked churches over the years, and have been able to pray with the Eucharistic Jesus on countless occasions. .css-tadcwa:hover{-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}Meg Hunter-Kilmer - @media screen and (max-width: 767px){.css-1xovt06 .date-separator{display:none;}.css-1xovt06 .date-updated{display:block;width:100%;}}published on 03/09/17. After a vision, Bernardino (later St. Francis) gave away his fortune, committing his life to serving God and the poor. Elected on 13 March 2013, Francis is the first member of the Society of Jesus to be appointed pope and the first non-European to hold the office since the 8th century. They overruled her desire to become a nun, and at twelve years of age married her to Rorenzo Ponziano, a Roman noble. More to explorer Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Eudocia Wolfgang Moroder / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0), A Conversation with a Catholic Filmmaker | feat. But I know, deep down, that my experience is not unique. St. Alexis replied, "Then you will live to glorify His Name." This quiet, shy thirteen year old was thrust into the whirl of parties and banquets that accompanied a wedding. Amen. All Rights Reserved. Rome was invaded in 1410; and during the civil war which followed, a series of calamities befell the Ponziani family. For our premium ad-free experience, including exclusive podcasts, issues and more, subscribe to. Improve yourself, find your inspiration, share with friends, This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Sarah loves her faith, coffee, and good books. (Source: The Counsels of the Holy Father St. Francis) On Living a Life of Ministry John Bosco, My career goals generally remain the same, but my short time goals constantly change either because I've reached them all or they no longer fit into my current strategy. Help us to discern what comes from our will and what comes from God's desire. She serves as a model for all married women who strive to integrate their devotion to God with their vocation as a wife and mother. Help us continue to bring the Gospel to people everywhere through uplifting and transformative Catholic news, stories, spirituality, and more. Her father, however, had promised her hand in marriage to the son of After her husbands death, Frances moved in with the Oblates of Mary and became the superior. She desired to enter the convent, but in obedience to her parents was instead married at age twelve to a young nobleman named Lorenzo de' Ponziani. and a guide to building a strong FREE shipping Add to Favorites Saint Frances of Rome Catholic Handmade Pendant Necklace . And St. Frances of Rome can show us how. Francis of Assisi Quotes Here are 50 of his most famous quotes. At 52 she had the life she dreamed of when she was eleven. She stubbornly prayed to God to prevent the marriage until her confessor pointed out, "Are you crying because you want to do God's will or because you want God to do your will?". ""Good to be useful," I said. She looked around, cleared out the wreckage of the house and turned it into a makeshift hospital and a shelter for the homeless. The life of Frances of Rome calls each of us not only to look deeply for God in prayer, but also to carry our devotion to Jesus living in the suffering of our world. Much though she wanted to be a nun, Gods will was clear in the will of her father. I wanted to be sure of one thing, though - could this vocation truly lead me to holiness? She complained to her confessor, who responded, Are you crying because you want to do God's will, or because you want God to do your will?. During a famine she gave away corn to the poor so lavishly that her husband began to object. While spending her days in retirement and prayer, she attended promptly to every . Daily Reading for Sunday, March 5th, 2023, Lent - A Season of Reflection, Renewal and Preparation, Continue reading about St. Frances of Rome, St. Frances of Rome Sterling Silver Oval Pendant, Almsgiving, Prayer, and Fasting: The Three Pillars of Lent. Daily Readings for Saturday, March 04, 2023, St. Casimir: Saint of the Day for Saturday, March 04, 2023, Lenten Prayer: Prayer of the Day for Monday, February 27, 2023. What Can Christians Do About Climate Change? Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Lorenzo, who fought with the papal troops, was wounded; and after St Frances had nursed him to health, he went back to the war. "You should understand by now," the angel told her, "that the God who made your body and gave it to your soul as a servant never intended that the spirit should ruin the flesh and return it to him despoiled.". She immediately sold her jewels and clothes and distributed money to needy. you have given us a unique example. A married woman must, when called upon, quit her devotions to God at the altar to find Him in her household affairs. At one point there were three men claiming to be pope. God has given me so much in your love." Catholic Online is a Project of Your Catholic Voice Foundation, a Not-for-Profit Corporation. At the age of 12 she married another Roman noble, Lorenzo Ponziani. 2023 RELEVANT Media Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Where there is Peace and Contemplation, there is neither Care nor Restlessness. The Church is at corner of 15th Street and 59th Court. This was especially difficult when I was a new mom with young children. Most memorably, I remember a time when I was at Mass with my daughters, not long after my second was born. Copyright EpicPew. Show the volunteers who bring you reliable, Catholic information that their work matters. Frances prayed that God would somehow prevent the marriage from happening. Once the society was established, Frances chose not to live at the community residence, but rather at home with her husband. image: Saint Frances and Saint Antony in the Saint Roch chapel at Fonteklaus by Wolfgang Moroder / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0). Not what you'd like to see, oreven what you need to see, but simply what's there. Yet with all this, its for her simple devotion as wife and mother that she is remembered. On the drive home, I remember being in tears, because I longed so much to be with Jesus at Mass. The hardest words she could have said -- but the right words to set her on the road to sanctity. Nicole Abisinio, Author Insights: an Insider Look at Catholic Publishing. Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Her husband was a good man who cared about her very much. The tomb of St Frances was opened some months after her death, and besides finding the saint incorrupt, her body gave off a delightful fragrance. Troja sent word that Lorenzo's brother would be executed unless he had Battista, Frances's son and heir of the family, as a hostage. I am not alone in my struggle to find balance. She too had entertained thoughts of entering a convent before her marriage, and she joined St Frances in her works of piety and charity. But her initial consent to Gods will would be sorely tried. It's a little awkward to ask, but we need your help. From an early age, Frances felt drawn to the religious life, but at the age of thirteen her parents forced her into marriage.. After this, both husband and father-in-law were completely converted and Frances and Vannozza were free to serve as they wished, sometimes begging to obtain alms for the poor, other times opening a hospital in their home. When all the resources had been exhausted, Frances and Vannozza went door to door begging. St. Frances of Rome, pray for us! However, we can live our lives in such a way that we never cease praying. When necessary, use words." This is, perhaps, the best known and most commonly quoted statement made by St. Francis of Assisi. This book is filled with amazing stories of little-knownCatholic heroes presenting spectacles of bravery andvalor never exceeded in all the annals of history.Demonstrating hisgallantry through daring featsof arms, the knight's faith,coupled with his marvelouscourage, made him nearlyinvincible on the fieldof battle. To face tomorrow, confidently, courageously. The challenge is, like Frances of Rome, to be open to finding God in the little and unexpected moments. In fact, I think it is safe to say that most moms struggle with a lack of their own time to do their own things, including prayer. St. Frances of Rome is the Parish Church. And that's why Vannozza found her crying bitterly in the garden one day. In the life of Saint Frances of Rome, Lord God, you gave us an outstanding example of the married state and the religious life. In the dishes, in the checking of our inboxes, in the conference calls, in the laundry, in the meetings, in the diaper changeshe is there. It seems she was not meant to bear it aloneher sister-in-law, Vannozza also longed for holiness. Post Like this: Loading. All Rights Reserved. At the age of 52, she had the life she wanted at age 11. Then a miracle happened. St. Alexis promised Frances that she would live a life that glorified the Lord. Click the link below! To wait for the unfolding of Thy will, patiently, serenely. Again Frances tried to embrace her cross and again it proved to heavy for her. The women lived in the world but offered themselves to God and to the service of the poor. The Origin of the Peace Prayer of St. Francis, Where there is despair, hope; . Raise your hand if youve ever felt like God was calling you But her parents objected and a young nobleman was selected to be her husband. Here are 5 things you may not (but need to) know about the bright jewel of the Order of St. Benedict (as the prayer in the Raccolta calls her). She was a married woman who longed for a cloister. As a mom, I have struggled with this. Frances was born in Rome to a noble family in 1384 and died in March 1440. St Frances also gave wine to any who asked, finally using the last cask filled with wine in the cellar. against it. After some time, they also bought a house where widowed members could live in a community together. Most people donate because Catholic Online is useful. Living at the Ponziani palace with St Frances of Rome was Vanozza, the wife of her oldest brother. | Sitemap |. But there have been many times that it simply hasnt been possible. With this new commitment, and a sister in Christ by her side, Frances turned more of her attention toward the needs of her own household. Frances was born in the city of Rome in 1384 to a wealthy, noble family. She begged God to prevent the marriage from happening. And I soon learned that she was not only advising other women with these words, she was incorporating them into her own life, too. Thank you! We might expect that the grief of losing her mother-in-law soon after might have been mixed with relief -- no more pressure to live in society. May I find You, Lord, in every moment of my day, whether before the tabernacle or in front of a pile of laundry. Pope Paul V canonized Frances in 1608. Saint Frances of Rome With these acts of piety and charity to sustain her, Frances was finally able to be the socialiteand gladly this time. To all our readers, Please don't scroll past this. The deeds you do may be the only sermon some persons will hear today. They decided that their vocations came first. What is it that stands higher than action? I stumbled upon the above quote from St. Frances of Rome a few years ago, when I was curious about the Saint whose feast day shares my birthday. Saint Frances of Rome was a busy mother, who found herself often distracted and pulled away from her morning devotions. Civil war came to Rome -- this was a time of popes and antipopes and Rome became a battleground. Donations to Catholic Vitality Publications, Copyright 2011 President James Buchanans executive secretary Katherine John-Peter has a message for anti-slavery Americans who want to save negroes from slavery and abolish, Nun and mother general. She was born in Rome to a noble family in 1384 and died in Rome on March 9, 1440. After his death, Frances' second son appeared to her and brought her an archangel to take the place of her guardian angel. Off she went to her spiritual director, sobbing and weeping that she would never be allowed to follow her true calling as a bride of Christ. (and some new ones have been added since then!). A plague followed in the wake of the war, and Frances' second son and a daughter died of the disease. What is it that stands higher than words? Frances was born in the city of Rome in 1384 to a wealthy, noble family. The life of Frances of Rome calls each of us not only to look deeply for God in prayer, but also to carry our devotion to Jesus living in the suffering of our world. Many of us feel that our lives have gone irreparably wrong. (Source), No one is to be called an enemy, all are your benefactors, and no one does you harm. Grant that I may not so much seek OMalley advises one of the other main characters to remind himself that he shall, Pass this way but once and to do whatever good he could do in that moment. Francis of Assisi's Prayers, p.72, Paper & Ink. Does It Matter Where Your Clothes Come From? her to the point of her health collapsing. Try sharing some of your spiritual hopes and desires with those closest to you. as an ebook download. Frances of Rome was disconsolate when her marriage was arranged, but it was through that very marriage that she became a saint. He had already promised her in marriage to the son of another wealthy family. They devoted themselves to God and served the poor. "The world is what it is." "Yeah, I know." "Not only do you know, you've helped me to know." "Good to be useful," I said. "Preach the Gospel at all times. We are going to want to spend time in prayer. 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