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That educational system based on writing academic assignments has been used for ages. But, if people still use it, it must be efficient, right?

Writing academic papers gives you an opportunity to obtain good analytical skills which can be helpful in future. As you know to complete your paper you have to dig through a crazy amount of material using web pages, books, encyclopedias, magazines, scientific publications, and articles. You need to analyze it and make a general conclusion. When you perform that you gain unreplaceable skills, which will be of use in your coming profession. But, unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that your attempt at dealing with everything independently will be successful.

It also trains your memory, as when you have a clear understanding of the theme and content of your paper, you have to interpret the researched material in the way you need and your instructor requires. Your brain trains to process the information faster and more effectively.

To sum it up, the system of conducting academic papers has its benefits. On the first sight, it seems to be absurd to write so many of them, as to pass a course you have to write a term paper investigating a chosen topic. Students just blindly follow the order without realizing the real purpose of why they should do that. But, as we’ve found out that activity doesn’t deserve to be called “useless”.

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