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You have been studying for years: writing research papers, persuasive and argumentative essays in 5 pages and cramming words by words. And you have to show everything that you have learned in just 300 words. It’s sheer madness, just 300 words. That’s less than a half of a page if writing using Times New Roman or Calibri font and 11th size. To impress the examiners, you have to put your soul into the text or sell it to the devil. But now, when you’re already here, there’s no need to deal with a devil.

Despite the easy requirements, people still manage to be mistaken. Here’re the most common faults noticed in the PTE academic report writing online. Sorry for that minute of boredom, but it’s important.

  • Not following the word limit. When the muse has come in the right moment and you don’t have struggles with a lack of inspiration, it’s easy to write beyond the limit. And is totally out-of-place, as it will drastically affect your score.
  • Not following a standard writing format. Pendent ideas, inappropriate introduction and irrelevant conclusion are common mistakes noticed in the texts of test takers.
  • Incorrect use of grammar, spelling and poor vocabulary range.
  • Content that doesn’t address the topic. For instance, you caught a similar topic: due to different problems, the environment is in danger. In your opinion, who should be responsible for solving it: governments, organizations or each individual? That means that you have to “accuse” somebody of that situation, not writing about you taking care of the Earth.

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